Ultimate 3 in 1 Color Tool (3rd Edition)

by Joen Wolfrom

Ultimate 3 in 1 Color Tool (3rd Edition)
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3 in 1 Color Tool
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Create perfect color combinations with this very cool tool for quilters, textile artists and crafters. Twenty-four color cards, each featuring one pure color along with a selection of its tints, shades and tones, are attached together at one corner, allowing you to fan the colors out and arrange them into endless possible combinations. On the back of each color card is a corresponding "color 'plan" that shows you the complementary, analogous, split complementary and triadic colors (don't worry, if these terms are foreign to you, the tool also explains their meanings!).

And for quilters, 2 extra features: a value finder for determining contrast without the distraction of color; and 3 fabric preview windows to isolate and "audition" your fabrics for your latest quilt project.

This handy tool fits easily into purse or glove box - don't leave home without it!


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Ordered this to help me in fabric dyeing. Took an art class at the local university this fall when we started working with color and mixing this tool was indispensable! All the other students wanted to know where I got it. Bought two more for my daughters to use in their art classes. I'm not sharing mine!
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I had looked forward to this color tool the 2nd edition was easy to use. unfortunately the 3rd edition is more compact and therefor the color swatches are smaller and less easy to read. it is still a good tool just less so.
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I just started with silkpainting and this tool is now very usefull!
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I am just using this as a reference
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I have used this item to organize all my fabric lace and floss for crazy quilting.
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