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21 - Juniper, 22 - Pomegranate, 23 - Saffron, 25 - Peppercorns, 26 - Salvia, 27 - Mulberry, 28 - Poppy Seed, 29 - Spice, 30 - Damson, 31 - Vanilla, 32 - Storm, 33 - Sunset, 34 - Sorbet, 35 - Gemstone, 36 - Flamingo, 37 - Berries, 38 - Skyscape, 39 - Avocado, 40 - Citrus $21.59 19.95 18.95
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21 - Juniper
22 - Pomegranate
23 - Saffron
25 - Peppercorns
26 - Salvia
27 - Mulberry
28 - Poppy Seed
29 - Spice
30 - Damson
31 - Vanilla
32 - Storm
33 - Sunset
34 - Sorbet
35 - Gemstone
36 - Flamingo
37 - Berries
38 - Skyscape
39 - Avocado
40 - Citrus
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This is a fun and easy project to make for a gift or for yourself. Make your own beautiful hand felted soft and luxurious Silk Merino scarf!

80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk chiffon makes a luxurious nuno-felted scarf (50mg, 2m x 24cm). Quick and easy to make, with full color step by step instructions.
New Zealand is a fabulous place, especially if you happen to be a sheep! The temperate climate enables the sheep to stay in grassy pastures all year. This leads to wool that is free of dust, dirt and thistles.

Kit contains:

  • 50gm Silk Merino Sliver
  • 3mm Silk Chiffon
  • Step-by-step instructions

Spinners and felters have been asking for the sliver from these Scarf Kits in larger amounts and now we have it! Check out these delicious, 100 gram fluffy-bumps-of-goodness here > #AMSS


Please Note:the following colors could have alternate names but are the same mix of fiber and colors.
Juniper is also known as Black Current, Saffron is also known as Mango, Peppercorns is also known as Woodland, Salvia is also known as Ocean.


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I have made two scarves out of two kits and they turned out great. I used youtube to get any additional information on nuno felting to fill in any gaps there may have been in the package instructions. I think this extra info helped me greatly.
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I bought 2 of these. Yes they looked easy enough very clear directions. For some cosmic reason the first one did not felt and adhere to the chifon. So I tried the second scarf went slower and re-read the directions again. Still did not work. The colors are beautiful very soft fiber but did not work as directed. I will save for the fiber for the spring birds building their nests. This the first item I bought form Dharma Trading that did not work.
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One of the store's customers wore one of these to show us today. It was beautiful! It was very soft and the colors were subtle and nuanced. She said it was easy to do but took a lot of "core work" because you have to work it a long time to get the fibers to go through the silk backing. She stressed that the water should be cool not hot so the fibers don't felt too quickly. I could not believe how lovely the finished product was!
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Beautiful scarves easy to make. The colors are vibrant and the merinosilk is so soft. The first one I made wasn't felted quite enough so make sure you don't stop felting too soon. I plan on making several more for my studio samples. Great buy prices are good. A little more fiber would have been nice but found thinner is better as you are making a two-sided scarf. At the price order one and I bet you will be back ordering more! Sheryl @ Woven Dreams Farm.
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The roving was nice and colors were good together. HOWEVER there was not enough roving in the kits. I had to add my own stash to it. I'd say kits need about 25% more roving.
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