Squeeze Bottles, Yorker Spouts and Caps

Squeeze Bottles, Yorker Spouts and Caps
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Caps for Sqeeze Bottles - 2,4,8 & 16 oz, Caps for Sqeeze Bottles - 32 oz. $0.15
Yorker Spouts For Squeeze Bottles - 2,4,8 & 16 oz, Yorker Spouts For Squeeze Bottles - 32 oz. $0.19
Squeeze Bottles - 2oz. $0.69 0.60 0.49
Squeeze Bottles - 4oz. $0.99 0.89 0.79
Squeeze Bottles 8 oz $1.29 1.19 1.08
Squeeze Bottles - 16oz. $1.39 1.26 1.15
Squeeze Bottles - 32oz. $2.05 1.89 1.75
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2 oz. bottle & spout
4 oz. bottle & spout
8 oz. bottle & spout
16 oz. bottles & spout
32 oz. bottles & spout
Yorker Spouts 2,4,8 & 16 oz
Color of caps is either red or yellow or natural. Stock may be mixed.
Yorker Spouts 32 oz.
Caps 2,4,8 & 16 oz
Caps 32 oz.
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Due to limited available inventory the color of caps is either red or yellow. Stock may be mixed.

Bottles include 1 yorker spout w/ a small pop-on yellow cap (the small pop-on caps are not available for separate purchase) but we can substitute 1 white, flat screw-on lid/cap instead by request.

Use these for storing and applying liquid dyes. Perfect for tie-dye! Occasionally, since these are inexpensive and mechanically mass produced, some spouts will come in that don't "squirt straight" or leak around the threads. Plumber's tape, that thin white stretch stuff that is .50 - .60 ¢ at any hardware store or other place with some irrigation supplies, is a quick easy fix for leaking - a couple of wraps around the threads works like a charm - no tie-dyer should be without it! A simple quick poke with the end of a paper clip will open the tip properly. We do have a new supplier, and the new ones, for the same price mind you, now come with a washer!

Spouts and caps: We've had people ask, so, for the inquiring minds, the 2/4/8/16 oz. bottles use 24-410 spouts and caps. The 32 oz. bottles use 28-410 spouts and caps.
***The little yellow pop on tops ARE NOT available for separate purchase, they only come WITH the yorker spouts.

 Call for case pricing!


   LDPE   HDPE   Height   Diameter   Spout Diameter
2oz.   X            9cm     3.5cm       13mm (Long Cylinder)
4oz.   X            11cm      5cm       17mm (Boston Round)
8oz.   X            13cm      5.5cm     17mm (Boston Round)
16oz.         X     19.5cm    6cm       17mm (Long Cylinder)
32oz.         X     22.5cm    8cm       20mm (Long Cylinder)
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I've had problems with the leakage too so it's good to read the solutions. However don't try to put the powder in the squeeze bottles. Just buy a set of pint canning jars make the dye liquid in them and pour what you need into the squeeze bottles. I have the canning jars labeled with the colors and store the dye in them when we're not actually tie-dying. Works great!
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I'm always trying to find the perfect bottles. These aren't perfect but they're better than anything else I've found. When mixing dye I spoon the powder into a funnel and then pour the water thru it. This is actually cleaner than spooning directly into a wide-mouth bottle. These bottles will leak if you squeeze them too hard--if that's a problem cut the spout to make it a little wider.
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Good quality bottles but holes on top are not all cut the same which lead some dye to spray out the side of the tip.
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I HATE these new caps. They are terrible. the whole doesn't shoot straight and the dye stream is often uncontrolable. please go back to the old kind with the red caps. The new yellow are junk.
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I like the 8oz. size (or smaller). The bigger ones (16oz. & up) are stiffer and harder for me to work with. They are made out of a different stiffer plastic material that I don't like.
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