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Spectra Art Tissue
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Spectra Bleeding Art Tissue is a fine-quality deluxe-grade tissue that color bleeds when wet, making it easy to create arts and crafts projects with a beautiful watercolor look. Great for children's projects!

You can paint with Spectra Deluxe Art Tissue! Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color on to the paper. Overlap two colors and watch them blend. Or add glue to the water to hold specific shapes in place and create magnificent, multi-layered effects.

The high-quality tissue can withstand cutting, crinkling and folding without tearing. Recyclable.

We discovered this paper from pre-school teachers that were asking for it. The colors in the papers are pretty basic but like watercolor they blend beautifully. There doesn't seem to be any restrictions on what kind of fabric this will work on and it also does very nice designs on paper. You lay torn/ripped or cut  paper down on the fabric (ripping paper is fun and satisfying) Spray the paper with water and if you want darker colors use another layer of paper over the first and spray again. Some instructors say use lemon juice to spray on the paper. The tissue paper needs to be thoroughly saturated so sometimes it's easier if you use a shallow tray to lay the fabric in for less mess. Let it dry overnight. When the paper is dry, just take it off the fabric and either use for a paper collage or recycle. The colors are bright initially. Ironing seems to keep more color in the fabric, but the colors are not wash-fast so expect a fair amount of bleeding and fading if washed. It's very unique looking on silk scarves and cloth that is not washed, such as quilts (to be displayed, not used) as wall hangings, sun catchers, and such. The pre-school teachers were using them for mother's day scarves and they were raving about the colors, and how happy the moms were. Pre-soaking the silk scarves in vinegar, and steaming or microwaving them after the tissue color is applied does make it more wash-fast on silk only. Another suggestion was to cut out shapes that could be wetted then left in the sun to dry, leaving an impression from the cut out design.

Each pack contains 20 sheets. The Assorted pack has 20 colors, the other packs have 10 colors.
Prices are per pack of 20.
Each pack of 20 counts as one item for quantity discounts.
Sheets are 20"x 30" (50.8cm x 76.2cm)

This paper does not contain food grade dyes. It is for decorative purposes only.

The lighter color Spectra Art Tissues may appear to bleed less; however, they bleed the same amount as the other colors – it’s just that the pigment is lighter and thus, so is the color of the bleed. 


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Pre-treated my silk with vinegar and water. 14 c vinegar 1 qt water) then used torn tissue on the silk and got amazing results. Set the color using the microwave for 6 minutes. After it dryed did a quick wash in synthropol and cold water and none of the color faded. I was amazed. Quick easy method to dye silk.
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I love this tissue paper. Its like getting two items for the price of one. It bleeds beautiful colors on paperfabric or lace and then you can use the tissue when dry to decoupage with.
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Ordered this for a girls (ages 50-80)weekend--we dyed silk scarves. Everyone loved them!! Heat set for 45 sec in the microwave and they held their color beautifully!
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Ordered this for a girls (ages 50-80)weekend--we dyed silk scarves. Everyone loved them!! Heat set for 45 sec in the microwave and they held their color beautifully!
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The art tissue produced great colors but they faded badly when rinsed in cold water. I tried to heat set the colors in a warm dryer for 10 minutes and I also tried to heat set with an iron but the colors still came out when put in cool water. Is there a way to make the colors permanent?
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