Professional Metal Screw-on Gutta Applicator Tips

The Screw-on Version (TIP ONLY!! - Bottles sold separately)

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This is the screw-on version of our other Professional Metal Gutta Applicator Tip (#PGA) which were the best of the metal tips for applying guttas and resists in very fine lines. Just screw the tip onto the Squeeze Bottles (#PGAB - sold separately) or Dupont Gutta Tube ends (#DGT). In fact, Suzanne Punch, Master Silkpainter and a board member of SPIN (Silk Painters International) says it also fits our #GAB (see below) but you have to make sure to use some plumber's tape under the tip.

Comes with its own little plastic case and wire "hole cleaner". Easier to use than #PGA, which you push into the plastic bottle tip.

Please note that the packaging may vary from tubes to small square plastic containers. The colors of the lids also vary.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

PGAS #4 - .73mm
PGAS #6 - .87mm
PGAS #8 - .96mm
Please note: These are OUTSIDE diameter measurements of the tips
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I purchased a single one of these to try out two years ago and am still using that same applicator. Save the wire that comes with it to clean out the tip and rest the bottle upright to avoid clogging while not in use. I had to experiment at first with diluting my resist until I found a concentration that flowed well and gave me a clean line but once I got the right one it's been fantastic.
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Somewhat difficult to clean but absolutely essential if you're using the DuPont resists. Be warned that the screw threads are too far into the body of the tip to actually engage with the points of the DuPont resist tubes. You need to periodically check to make sure the tips are still secure or they can fall off causing blobs of resist and rolling across lines that have already been applied.
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Hard to clean
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These work better than the cheaper non-screw-on applicators but the tip sizes don't come in #7 which is the size I need. Otherwise I'm happy with this product.
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This applicator slides smoothly on the silk with no fuss. The resist also flows smoothly. Just threw away my other applicators that drag on the silk (even after sanding) and require much hand strength to squeeze.
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