Long Stem Applicators with Bottles

Long Stem Applicators with Bottles
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5 - Yellow Tip .5mm, 8 - Pink Tip .8mm, 1 - Purple Tip 1mm $4.99 4.49
S - Set of 3 $14.33 12.89
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Set of 3 S - Set of 3
Fine Tip .5mm 5 - Yellow Tip .5mm
Standard Tip .8mm 8 - Pink Tip .8mm
Wide Tip 1mm 1 - Purple Tip 1mm
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These bottles with fine tips can be used to apply gutta or other resists, draw thin lines with paint, and who knows what else! They come with a 1.25 oz. bottle which holds a little more than our other applicator bottles. Because of their flat shape, some folks find them easier to squeeze. So what else can we say about these? Well, the lid comes with a long wire that keeps the tips from getting clogged. Also, the bottles are a 20-410 which means the tips should fit most 2 oz. bottles. Unfortunately, they do not fit our squeeze bottles. Instant lines, no need to transfer the resist! If you find another way to use 'em, let us know! Those longer than normal tips have got to be good for getting something into a hard to reach place! The tips can also be used on our GAMTB bottles! They just snap right on!

1.25 oz. bottles.

Sold in sets of 3 or individually.

Fine Tip .5mm (yellow tip)

Standard Tip .8mm (pink tip)

Wide Tip 1mm (purple or black tip) 


Yellow tip = .5mm

Pink tip = .8mm

Purple tip = 1mm 
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I use a LOT of resist. I have wasted a lot of money incredible time and resist using every other applicator out there. They were impossible to pour without waste impossible to clean and unreliable. These are a life saver. I get the standard which works best for my methods and even if I do not use my water based resist for a few weeks these work every time. I am not sure unless you create a lot of silk work as I do what it means time wise to have an applicator bottle work for you when you need it :-). No clog easier to squeeze....I only wish I'd discovered these sooner and saved myself the frustration of all the others I tried!
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I have arthritis in my hands and found these bottles painful to use for any length of time. The small round bottles are softer and easier to use.
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These bottles worked great for applying resists-the tips are sized from fine to thick so you can control the size of your linesthe size fits nicely in your hand and I love that they come with lids!
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I like the largest gauge for guttas the medium gauge for henna and the smallest gauge one I just store gutta in and switch the larger gauge tip when i want to use it. Could we get these separately? Someone must like the superfine one...
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These are easy to grip and the long tip makes the line being traced easy to follow. A definate must have!
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