Synthetic White Sinew

Fantastic for Tie-dye and Shibori!

Synthetic White Sinew
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Flat Sinew White - 1 oz $4.25
Round Sinew White - 1 oz $4.39
Flat Sinew White - 8 oz $16.19
Round Sinew White - 8 oz $16.49
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Flat - Approx. 120 ft. - 75 lb. test 1 oz
Flat - Approx. 960 ft. - 75 lb. test 8 oz
Round - Approx. 81 ft. - 100lb. test 1 oz
Round - Approx. 648 ft. - 100lb. test 8 oz
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Synthetic Sinew is one of those items that we can't live without as it is so very useful for Tie-dye and Shibori. It's white so no more worries about it potentially staining the fabric. 100% wax coated Polyester (so no deer harmed in the making)

The FLAT sinew has an approx. 70-75 lb tensile strength and can be split into about 5 strands and is available in 1 oz rolls (approx. 120 ft.) and 8 oz rolls (approx. 960 ft.).

The ROUND sinew has an approx. 100lb. test and can also be split into about 5 strands and is now available in 1 oz rolls (approx. 81 ft.) and 8 oz rolls (approx. 648 ft.)

Synthetic Sinew is a waxed polyester thread that is waterproof, rot proof, resistant to stretch, and extremely strong. It has a very high tensile strength for its size, it doesn't stretch when wet like string does, and because of the wax you can tie things up very tight. This makes our sinew a great alternative to rubber bands for Tie-dye. It is also excellent for use with delicate fabrics which can be damaged by rubber bands. Plus, the sinew won't get old, dry and brittle like rubber bands will over time. Great for Shibori pole wrapping and other techniques as well.

Not to mention made here in the US. Not too bad if you ask us.


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Excellent. I will be ordering again. I use for tie dyeing. Creating mandalas and geodes in my shirts.
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Has been working great for me! I'm on my second large spool.
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I use it for shibori and have had no breakage issues. Love using it for nui as splitting allows a finer or thicker strand as the fabric and design may require.
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This sinew is terrible! The wax comes off during steam process and it sticks to the fabric. I had a hard time removing the wax debris. What happened to the other sinew product (brown) you used to carry? Much better product. Won't buy this again.
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Very weak constantly breaks
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