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This high quality scale displays in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweights. Battery operated (9 volt included). Weighs from 1 gram up to 2000 grams (70.50 ozs. or 4.4 lbs) with .1 gram or .01oz increments. Auto shut off, over & under load indicators, a hold feature plus Tare feature to exclude the container you are weighing the powder in.

Perfect for weighing dyes & chemicals for greater color accuracy and consistency - every serious dyer should really have one if they want to be able to repeat the same colors.

The Electronic Digital Scale comes with a 10 year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

We strongly suggest getting a universal adapter. Batteries tend to not last very long.

Weighing platform measures approx. 6"x6"

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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this works for large quantities but once it gets down to a tsp or less it doesnt work as well. plus its so sensitive that if you dont have it completely stable or are walking around next to it it affects the scale. all that said im really enjoying using a scale instead of measuring out by tsps and cups. its making the math and work much easier when im doing large projects.
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I have the smaller version of this scale (that weighs up to 500 grams) and it is great. I was so happy with it that I have just bought two more of these to use in my business. AWS is a great brand. I have had only one problem with one scale and the service to replace the scale was excellent. I received the replacement within about a week.
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Hang onto your warranty. I've had this scale for about a year and it's been great. I've used it a few times a week. But it just up and died. Yes I tried a new battery. I'm frustrated that I didn't save the warranty info.
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Service was prompt and efficient. The product is easy to use with basically no set-up. It is important to place the scale on a properly flat surface so that the scale registers weight correctly.
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FYI:to calibrate informally:1000cc or 1 liter of water equals 1000 grams.
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