Easy Fix Fabric Stretcher Frames & Hooks

Easy Fix Fabric Stretcher Frames & Hooks
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Suspension Hooks - pack of 24 $10.50 $9.95 8.99
SF4 - Frame Extension $80.00 $52.45
SF1 - Basic Stretcher System $84.50 $66.95 55.85
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SF1 - Basic Stretcher System
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SF4 - Frame Extension
Suspension Claw Hooks - pack of 24
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The Easy Fix Fabric Stretcher Frames is an easy to use, modular, versatile, durable, and inexpensive fabric painting frame system. Great for stretching any fabric and many pre-made scarf sizes for crafts such as silk painting, batik and fabric painting. Strong plastic which can be simply wiped clean after use. It allows maximum and continuously adjustable tension and comes with a nylon storage/carrying case.

The Basic and Small systems are each made of 4 plastic bars with clever corner connectors that allow for size adjustments. The bars are riddled with holes into which fit the special suspension hooks attached to pegs. A set of these hooks are included with each frame, and are available separately also. The Extension can be added to either System to make a larger square, or to make a longer skinny frame to accommodate many different scarf sizes.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

 SF1 will stretch up to 37" x 37". Comes with 24 hooks.
 SF2 will stretch up to 22" x 22". Comes with 16 hooks.
 SF4 extender w/add an additional ~ 20" to SF1 & SF2. Comes with 12 hooks. 
 #SF4 Extension combined w/ #SF2 will stretch squares up to 44" square 
 #SF4 Extension combined w/ #SF1 will stretch up to 57" square  
 (or any  rectangle within those dimensions) 
 #SF1 & #SF4 combined will also work w/ 8x54, 11x60, 15x60, 14x72, 22x72, 
 our most common scarf sizes.

Easy Fix Fabric Stretcher Frames

Easy Fix Frame Extender Kit

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I got the SF1 and extension. They have made my life much easier. The best thing is the ease of tightening up the silk after wetting. It is very easy to clean and it doesn't take up any space when broken down. Great product!
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love it !! no more wooden frames of various sizes all over the shop taking up valuable space great invention
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Flimsy poorly designed poorly manufactured. The holes and connectors do not align properly. Thus you cannot bump or move your work even slightly without risking the connections coming apart and messing up your work. Definitely not sturdy enough for rectangular scarves but might work for small squares up to 22 inches stretched (not a format I ever use.) Only two cross-supports provided for the two (yes TWO) sets I purchased and the connectors do not lock to keep the frames together when you tilt them to provoke flow or special effects. Also missing is a way to create a long rectangle shape because the corner bars only go one way so your fourth corner will have to be gerryrigged -- I use duct tape for that. If you need to move the framed work off your work table the whole thing falls apart causing huge headaches and probably ruined work. Very sorry I bought these. I will stick to home-made pvc frames from now on.
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I have the basic frame with extenders. The corners do not lock properly in all four corners at once which greatly lessens the stability of the product. I believe I'm going to drill my frame to make the corners fit correctly and use wingnuts to make the extenders more stable.
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I have the basic the small and the extender and I am hooked! :) Once you do it the first time it's super easy to put together. It's easy to clean easy to adjust to a huge variety of sizes (especially with the extender) and when broken down it takes up as much space as a standard umbrella. Love it. Woo-hoo!!!
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