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Dust Mask
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The Dust Masks are now on sale! Get them 10% off now through 8/1!

Due to supply issues, actual mask "brand" may vary but don't worry, they are still true N95 masks!

Our dust masks are NIOSH approved N95 - the real deal. The cost on them has gone up considerably because of Covid, but we were finally able to even find some to sell you. Wear these to prevent exposure to powders, smoke and, according to the CDC, these are the best mask (better than surgical or cloth) for protection against bacteria and viruses WHEN FITTED PROPERLY TO YOUR FACE so no air leakage around the edges.

These masks have a thin metal strip across the bridge of the nose that you can bend to fit your face for a good seal. They also have a foam pad inside for comfort across your nose.

Powdered dyes are micro fine and prone to suspend in the air. Sometimes they are so small they are barely visible. The instructions for using these powdered dyes (and most of the books on the subject) recommend the use of a dust mask.

Soda Ash Fixative is a powder that is somewhat caustic and should also be mixed when wearing a dust mask. Common sense really dictates wearing a dust mask when mixing any powdered substances.

You can check out our other masks here!


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Uncomfortable but a necessary evil.While I'm tempted often not to use it I do as I know that dye particles are light and float around very easily and can produce allergic reactions over time.
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Better than average dust mask in this style. Is comfortable and fits securely over the nose.
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They do the job on cutting the dust from the soda ash.
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