CMY Primary Color Wheel: Cyan-Magenta-Yellow

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This color wheel is based on the primaries of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. These are the primary colors used when mixing light. Dye is transparent and therefore mixes much like light. This color wheel is more useful for mixing dyes than opaque paints, so if you work a lot with dyes, this is the color mixing guide for you!

CMY Primary Mixing Wheel and Workbook were designed to:

Provide a guide for mixing color pigments.
Illustrate color relationships and schemes: Complements, split complements, tetrads and analogous colors.
Illustrate color contrasts: Complementary colors, tints, tones, and shades.

Note: Use this Color Wheel with dyes. For opaque pigment based products like paints, use The Artist's Color Wheel (#ACW) for more accurate results.


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Useful tool but would be so much better if it were made of laminated cardboard. I spilled a little water on it and it faded and warped.
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No doubt if I knew how to use this color wheel better I'd have given it a higher rating! That said it'd be nice if at least a little fact user sheet could be put together to educate us ignorant folks :-)
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I use both this and the Artist's Color Wheel & Mixing Guide quite a lot when I mix colors. But I wish this was coated like the other one.
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Nice addition to the regular color wheel and broadens my understanding of how colors work with each other.
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I dye CMYK not painterly. This color wheel is wonderful. Would I like it waterproof and super sturdy? Yes but honestly I cannot see an affordable way to do that so I keep it away from water and in a plastic bag. I love the way it shows the colors and the Cyan Magenta Yellow Kiton are perfect for my way of dyeing.
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