Solid Rayon/Silk Velvet Scarves

82% Rayon - 18% Silk

Solid Rayon/Silk Velvet Scarves
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Solid Rayon/Silk Velvet Scarves No Fringe - 9x54 $8.93 8.42
Solid Velvet Scarves No Fringe - 11x60 $13.68 12.90
Velvet Scarves With Fringe - 11 X 60 $14.22 13.41
Solid Velvet Scarves No Fringe - 14x72 $15.35 14.48
Velvet Scarves With Fringe - 14 X 72 $16.53 15.59
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9" x 54" no fringe
11" x 60" no fringe
11" x 60" with Fringe
14" x 72" no fringe
14" x 72" with Fringe
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Beautiful uncut silk/rayon velvet available with or without fringe. Dyes beautifully as is or create your own custom cutwork designs using the Devore Technique with Fiber Etch to dissolve and wash away the rayon pile, exposing the Silk Chiffon backing. Then dye in your choice of colors. You will get all kinds of different results dyeing fiber blends like these, which is half the fun! Our Fiber Reactive dyes might give you a two toned result, depending on the color, Acid dyes will dye the backing a deep color but barely stain the pile, our new Vinyl Sulphon dyes should dye both fibers the same color, or for the most Wow! factor, try our Alter Ego dyes to get two completely different colors on the pile and the backing!

Three sizes:
9" x 54", 11" x 60", and 14" x 72"

Remember, items with fringe can't just be thrown in the washer - hand wash with care!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I have to order the velvet scarves by the dozen now. They are best sellers and I always keep a bright one on the corner of my booth and they attract great attention.
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These velvet scarves take dye so beautifully! The dark reds blues purples greens in the Fiber Reactive Procyon dyes come out spectacular and they feel wonderful. Light blues and pinks come out with a gorgeous silvery sheen...
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Tie dyes beautifully with procion dyes.
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I thought they were great I had been getting a cheaper scarf from anothersupplier with machine stitched edges that were hard to dye. The disappointingthing about them was that on quite a few the color washed out of the stitching which left me with white stitches showing thru on the front......not good..
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Very good quality fabric and well made.
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