Silk Cut Velvet Scarves with Fringe

Silk Cut Velvet Scarves with Fringe
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82% Rayon - 18% Silk

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82% Rayon - 18% Silk
Cut velvet is all the rage now, and you can see these in high class department stores for $60-$90. For us, it's just another beautiful scarf and we can sell them fairly economically, as we do all the scarves. The thing that's amazing about these is that just dyeing them a solid color with either Cotton (Fiber Reactive) or Silk (Acid) dyes yields a fabulous result. The Rayon pile and the silk Chiffon backing fabric can dye in different shades - very neat! Even more fun, you can dye them with our Alter Ego dyes to get totally different colors on the rayon and silk. These are also very luxurious and soft, as well as being beautiful, so they make fantastic gifts!

Please note: we are no longer able to have these scarves hand hemmed, so they are now being hemmed with sewing machines. Stock is currently mixed, some pattern-sizes are hand hemmed and some are machine hemmed. Please ask us to check current stock for you if it's important!

16 patterns (depending on size) - Daisy, Abstract, Stripe, Rose, Leaf, Bouquet, Leaf2, Animal, Grapes, Flower, Dots, Diamond, Flora, Paisley, Baroque, Peony

Check out these examples and ideas!

This scarf is the "Stripe" pattern simply vat dyed with Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye #24 Navy Blue.
This scarf is the "Grapes" pattern simply vat dyed with Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye #18A Ultraviolet.
This scarf is the "Bouquet" pattern vat dyed with Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye and then hand painted with other dye colors on top of that.

Remember, items with fringe can't just be thrown in the washer - hand wash with care!

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These really dye up great.Would also like to have some cut velvet scarves without the fringe.
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These are a delight to dye! They love color and the nap takes the dye differently from the backing making some wonderfully dramatic effects. They simply glow....... Cream rinse is indeed a huge help with the fringe.
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Gorgeous. I dyed them first with Jacquard acid dyes and then with fiber reactive dyes the background and foreground came out either different colors completely or different shades. The colors on the velvet were luminescent.
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i love these.... popular take the color well
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I had some of these scarves for years not knowing what to do with them. After finding the Alter Ego Dyes I've reordered twice!
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