Silk Charmeuse Scarves 19.5mm

Silk Charmeuse Scarves 19.5mm
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Silk Charmeuse - 6" x 24" $3.65 3.44
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 22" x 22" $7.22 6.81
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 8" x 54" $7.31 6.90
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 11" x 60" $10.40 9.91
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 15" x 60" $12.45 11.65
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 14" x 72" $14.09 13.29
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 35" x 35" $17.66 16.66
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 44" x 44" $26.16 24.68
Silk Charmeuse 19.5mm - 22" x 90" $26.52 25.01
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6" x 24"
8" x 54"
11" x 60"
15" x 60"
14" x 72"
22" x 90"
22" x 22"
35" x 35"
44" x 44"
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Ok, so we've described the Mercedes of silks and the Rolls Royce of Silks, so here is the Porsche of silks! A muted crepe on the back side and shimmery lustrous satin on the top side. It is heavier and more substantial than our plain Satin or Crepe de Chine, has a firm, soft, supple hand and a luxuriously heavy drape. Dyes and paints will show an intensity of color and richness on this fiber. This fabric traditionally considered to be the best of the best, unless you get into the velvets... These have hand rolled hems with 100% silk thread. Ready to dye and paint!


We recommend, especially if you are re-selling, to pre-wash in Hot water and Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent, all silk before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly. Our product Milsoft is excellent for restoring the soft hand to silk after dyeing.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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My favourite these are nice quality and have delicious sheen. For a step down in cost and still nice sheen try silk satin.
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Thanks for shipping them neatly folded in *labeled* protective sleeves. The fabric is heavenly - best quality!The labeling is really critical when they are in a stack.
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These scarves are heavier and drape nicely. They are more of a challenge to dye because the dye doesn't flow the same way it does on the Habotai scarves. The results were good.
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Beautiful supple substantial weight drapes wonderfully.
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Love the feel and like the way the dye flows. End result beautiful!
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