Devore Satin Scarves

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DCS8 - Devore Satin Scarves - 8x54 - Underwater-DCS8 - Devore Satin Scarves - 8x54 - Solid (no pattern) $5.22 4.84
DCS15 - Devore Satin Scarves - 15x60 - Underwater-DCS15 - Devore Satin Scarves - 15x60 - Solid (no pattern) $8.72 8.09
DCS14 - Devore Satin Scarves - 14x72 - Underwater-DCS14 - Devore Satin Scarves - 14x72 - Solid (no pattern) $9.67 8.98
DCS15F - Devore Satin Scarves - 15x60 with Fringe - Underwater-DCS15F - Devore Satin Scarves - 15x60 with Fringe - Bamboo $10.95 10.15
DCS14F - Devore Satin Scarves - 14x72 with Fringe - Underwater-DCS14F - Devore Satin Scarves - 14x72 with Fringe - Bamboo $11.76 10.92
DCS35 - Devore Satin Scarves - 35x35 - Intricate Floral-DCS35 - Devore Satin Scarves - 35x35 - Solid (no pattern) $12.32 11.45
DCS22F - Devore Satin Scarves - 22x72 with Fringe - Underwater-DCS22F - Devore Satin Scarves - 22x72 with Fringe - Bamboo $15.99 14.85
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8x54 No Fringe - Underwater
8x54 No Fringe - Art Nouveau
8x54 No Fringe - Bamboo
8x54 No Fringe - Intricate Floral
8x54 No Fringe - Polka-Dots
8x54 No Fringe - Animal Stripes
8x54 No Fringe - Curls
8x54 No Fringe - Leaf
8x54 No Fringe - Branches
8x54 No Fringe - Chrysanthemums
8x54 No Fringe - Solid (no pattern)
15x60 No Fringe - Underwater
15x60 No Fringe - Art Nouveau
15x60 No Fringe - Bamboo
15x60 No Fringe - Intricate Floral
15x60 No Fringe - Polka-Dots
15x60 No Fringe - Animal Stripes
15x60 No Fringe - Curls
15x60 No Fringe - Leaf
15x60 No Fringe - Branches
15x60 No Fringe - Chrysanthemums
15x60 No Fringe - Arabesque
15x60 No Fringe - Deco
15x60 No Fringe - Solid (no pattern)
14x72 No Fringe - Underwater
14x72 No Fringe - Art Nouveau
14x72 No Fringe - Bamboo
14x72 No Fringe - Intricate Floral
14x72 No Fringe - Polka-Dots
14x72 No Fringe - Animal Stripes
14x72 No Fringe - Curls
14x72 No Fringe - Leaf
14x72 No Fringe - Branches
14x72 No Fringe - Chrysanthemums
14x72 No Fringe - Arabesque
14x72 No Fringe - Deco
14x72 No Fringe - Solid (no pattern)
35x35 No Fringe - Intricate Floral
35x35 No Fringe - Polka-Dots
35x35 No Fringe - Animal Stripes
35x35 No Fringe - Solid (no pattern)
15x60 with Fringe - Underwater
15x60 with Fringe - Art Nouveau
15x60 with Fringe - Bamboo
14x72 with Fringe - Underwater
14x72 with Fringe - Art Nouveau
14x72 with Fringe - Bamboo
22x72 with Fringe - Underwater
22x72 with Fringe - Art Nouveau
22x72 with Fringe - Bamboo
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You will be overwhelmed at how deliciously beautiful these scarves are. Imagine the shimmer of Rayon Satin forming a array of leaves or flowers or soft stripes or ripples on a sheer background of Silk Chiffon. These lovely scarves are available in 6 different patterns, 3 of which are also available finished with 10 inch long knotted Rayon Fringe as in the photo. You can solid color dye or paint these with Procion dyes and they emerge with startlingly intense colors that sometimes vary on the silk vs. the Rayon. For even more fun, try our Alter Ego dyes by Dupont for some wonderful effects as pictured above. Get ready to fall in love!

These scarves are cut from our Devore Satin fabric, 30% silk chiffon 70% rayon. The particular fiber content of each style varies due to the pattern being cut from the rayon portion. Very open patterns, such as Water and Bamboo, have a higher silk content relative to the rayon, due to most of the rayon having been removed to create the pattern.

We recommend, especially if you are re-selling, to pre-wash in Hot water and Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent, all silk before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly. Our product Milsoft is excellent for restoring the soft hand to silk after dyeing.

Remember, items with fringe can't just be thrown in the washer - hand wash with care!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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These scarves are especially beautiful soft and drapey and just all around yummy. Love the long fringe! Takes Procion dyes well but for a two color scarf I love to use the Alter Ego dyes one color for the silk and the other color for the rayon. Gorgeous....
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These scarves are amazing. I sold dozens of these during the holiday season. I dyed them twice with Procion dyes to get interesting subtle color combinations then painted on metallic highlights with Lumiere. The colors are a bit of suprise using Procion dyes since the rayon and the silk take the dye differently but I don't think I got one "bad" color. Everyone who saw them wanted to buy them.
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Alter Ego gives easiest and perhaps best results idye good too esp if followed by triangular dip dye techniques using jacquard's dye-na-flow.I always trim the fringe & soak overnight in fabric softener after last rinse.
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These scarves are the best I've bought. They dye beautiful. You cant go wrong with these.
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I really love these scarves... they dye up beautifully and my buyers rave about them!
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