Cotton Bandanas 12 packs

22" x 22"  & 27" x 27" - 100% cotton!

Cotton Bandanas 12 packs
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You would not believe how hard it is to find dyeable 100% cotton bandanas sewn with cotton thread. No one makes them. So we're having them made for us overseas. Hemmed edges on all 4 sides with cotton thread, though not always perfectly square as these are very inexpensive. Great for impulse items at your booth, inexpensive classroom or kids projects, you name it! Great activity for kids birthday parties too!  Ready to dye, batik, marble, print, paint, whatever! Check out our natural bandanas here.

Priced and sold in packs of 12 bandanas.

Each pack of 12 is counted as 1 item for  quantity discounts.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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4 star rating
I have been ordering these bandanas for years. They are a good quality they dye well after prewashing and they take waterbased screenprint ink well too. The only thing is they are not square that is not 22 x 22 - more like 21 x 22 consistently. We finally accepted it and adjusted our screen but if you're OCD it will drive you a little crazy. Make sure all the blanks are turned the same way if you're looking for consistency.
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5 star rating
I have bought many many packs to dye for cloth napkins. They are a great size and a set of six makes a great gift.
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5 star rating
I bought the Large27" size a couple of weeks ago I haven't even gotten to try dying them yet but I already love them! - the material is smooth without being "clingy" has a fine and tight weave that can still be stretched after washing to keep them very breathable. They've been great as face-coverings since they're large enough to fold twice plus large enough to tie well behind the head. - I also use them as "sweat bands" - I perspire a lot and the heat and humidity of Gulf Coast summers makes it worse. The bandanas are absorbent as a bandana should be but they also are more lightweight and more breathable than the elastic+terrycloth 'sweatbands'. - Yes they're simple with a narrow stitched hem all the way around but it's not the kind of stitching I can do any more so I appreciate being able to get them. Especially as mentioned in the large size!- The do tighten-up if put into the fryer after washing so if you want your bandanas a bit "fluffier" simply do that. Taking them out while still damp-to-a bit-wet and stretching them gently opens the weave back up and makes them more "crisp". - I'm going to try some shibori :)
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2 star rating
I have bought this a few times in the past and had no problem. But the last shipment I received all were not exactly square... One side was cut in an angle and so one corner was about 23 inch short. I wanted to practice my Origami style tie dye but had to use all for something else mainly just for the practice. Too bad.
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5 star rating
These are a good size and take dye well.
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