Melting Skillet

For use with hot glues and waxes

Melting Skillet
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Whether your using glue or wax, we have just what you need. Use the small 4" skillet for quick and easy projects and brushwork with wax (not deep enough for dipping tjantings) or if you're a beginner this one is perfect for experimenting.

The MS4 has a constant temperature setting of 350°F*

**IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that wax melts at very low temperatures, so if you see smoke your wax has gotten too hot! You never want to be breathing wax fumes and NEVER want it to get to smoking. We highly recommend a wax thermometer to keep track of your temperature and don't be afraid to turn the skillet off! Then if the wax gets too cool, just turn it back on again. No one in America so far has come up with a perfect wax pot. If you are in production and use a lot of wax, nothing beats an electric frying pan, so you can set exactly the temperature you want, and don't have to plug and unplug. ALWAYS work with melted waxes in a well ventilated area!

PRO Tip: To keep your tools from sliding into the wax with all flat melting pans, wrap a bunch of masking tape, several layers on top of itself, on the handles rather high up, depending on where you like to grip the tool, and that will hold up on the lip of the pan and keep the tools from sliding in, both brushes and tjantings.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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2 star rating
Be careful if you use the 4" skillet for wax. Medium-temperature glue sticks melt at 230 F and wax melts at 140-170. The 4" skillet has no temperature control. I'd only use the 7" one for wax.
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4 star rating
I got the 4 inch pot. It is 2.5 inches inside diameter.Using soy wax with it I like to brush and use my own wire stamps (say like a spiral shape) but you probably cant fit a potato masher into it. Between quick work and adding more wax I don't have to unplug it too much for getting overly hot.I like it a lot as it is so small and doesn't take up much space.
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2 star rating
The skillet is not deep enough for batikingwax resist purposes. Could not fill Tjantings.
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2 star rating
I purchased the 7in skillet. It does what it is supposed as far as melting goes. Downfall is that the tools fall down into the skillet very often as there are not any place along the edge for them to hold onto. Can be very frustrating. I a in the process of looking for something more suitable.
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