Tee Juice Fabric Markers - 3 Sizes

Tee Juice Fabric Markers - 3 Sizes
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USE FOR: Marking on fabric, filling in larger areas, decorating clothing.

USE ON: Most natural & synthetic fabrics.

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Jacquard Tee Juice Fabric Markers are SUPER JUICY fabric markers great for T-shirts. But they're not just for t-shirts, they work beautifully on almost any fabric, natural or synthetic! Use them for T-shirts, jeans, canvas, handbags, furniture, and about a million more things... Acid-free. Archival. Lightfast. Washable. Dry-Cleanable. Heat set with your iron. Fixing: These babies are full of a pigment that is wash-fast with just a little iron setting. Let dry then iron on cotton setting for 2-3 minutes, keeping the iron moving.

Bleeding: Because these fabric markers are so much "juicier" than other markers, they will bleed more on finer fabrics, especially silk. The finer the fabric, the faster you have to draw to control bleeding. Make it simple - use Stop Flow Primer first on your fabric, let it dry, and voila! No more bleeding!

Broad Point: Perfect for bold strokes and big fill-in areas. Squeezable tubes full of juicy color, with a wide flat sponge head and the harder you squeeze, the more ink comes out, making them great for absorbent material like T-shirts, etc. These fat markers carry enough pigment to light up a billboard!

Medium Point: Versatile tip shape lets you achieve different line widths by changing the angle of the tip against the fabric.

Fineliner: Great for the finishing touches and detail work. These delicate pens give you total control!

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I used the Fine Line ones on Silk I was working on and found they work very well for writing. The less pressure I put on the pen the finer the line I get and also less bleed!
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Lots of "juice" so they last a long long time!
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fantastic item used the fine ones to draw on a white hoody for my girlfriend for a gift a great product!
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Better than any other fabric marker we have used. Perfect for kid projects as the wide tip satisfies their desire for lots of color fast. The medium and narrow tips give them better control.
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I took the super soft transfer paper and transfered a couple coloring pages I found on the web to t-shirts for my nephews (5 & 7). Then I put a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the shirt and pinned the shirt to it and let the boys color with the medium point markers. Then I heat set with an iron. They had a blast. In the future I would probably use a mixtuer of the big ones and the medium point to help with coverage but it turned out well.
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