Derwent Inktense Sets

USE FOR: Drawing, Painting, Water color, Stamping, Stenciling

USE ON: Natural Fabrics! Cotton, Silk, Bamboo, etc.

Derwent Inktense Sets
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This product has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

The sharpened precision of a pencil and the vivid beauty of an ink... in one!

Derwent's Inktense Pencils and Blocks come in a large array of colors and, once dry, are permanent on paper. A little heat setting is required for permanence on fabrics. Inktense is really neat, not only because you can draw on a design, add water and watch the ink take on a new life but the space they take up is minimal. It's like having a whole bag of paints in a tiny tin that can fit in your pocket. The pencils are wonderful for fine lines while the blocks work great on broad strokes when you need a wider coverage of color.

There are many ways to use Inktense.
When wet it makes a fabulous watercolor effect on paper or keep paper dry for brilliant color and fine lines; perfect for manga and botanical art alike. Draw or paint onto silks and cottons (not suggested on synthetic fabrics, sorry!) or lay down a thick coat of pigment on paper and add water to create a paint to add to your stamping blocks. Inktense can also be used with regular ol' white school glue to create decopauge.

For silk, wet the surface and draw directly onto the damp material. Alternatively, you can wet a paint brush and lift the color right off of the pencil tip or block and apply to dry silk. After completely dry, just iron to set. After 24 hours the silk can be washed with luke warm water. A small amount of color may wash out during this process, if not all of the pigment was dissolved completely.

The application to cottons can be the same as for silk. Start with dry fabric and add water to your outlines as you go or start with a wet material and add color. Let the ink dry and bond with the fabric for 24 hours, then use an iron to heat set.
Another common application method is to use a liquid fabric medium instead of water to keep the pigments from spreading quite as much as water will - a lifesaver if you are working with tight detail. If a fabric medium is not in your art bag already try using regular old Aloe Vera gel!

6 Pencil Set includes: Sun Yellow, Poppy Red, Violet, Bright Blue, Field Green, Ink Black
12 Block Set includes: Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Baked Earth, Bark, Ink Black


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5 star rating
These are amazing. The colors are intense. You can be extremely detailed or more water color like depending on the technique you use. I add a fabric medium to my mixing water and the colors are permanent. Awesome.
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5 star rating
Works well with Zentangle on fabric. Keeps a fine line and does not bleed. Easy to use and good color selection. Makes fabric art fun enable great detail.
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4 star rating
Sets well on fabric and when properly applied does not bleed in the wash. Easy to use.
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5 star rating
These pencils and inktense blocks are fabulous they are worth every cent. If you want them to maintain there intense colour on fabric use a fabric medium such as liquitex this makes the colour permanent I have dry cleaned my silk and the colour does not fade.
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5 star rating
Derwent blocks and pencils are great. I am using 8mm silk wash in dharma detergent iron then I use a sponge to dampen the fabric with a mixture of versatex and water then start drawing. Let it dry and sit a day or so iron NO none color loss gives great detail. They are a little pricey but go a long long way. Five stars all the way. I do use milsoft in the final hands-on softens the ink. Fabulous product.
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