Paint stripes and Make a Zippety Bag

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Masking tape is a wonderful tool. Especially if you want to play with suede. You can use tape to create stripes, squares, diamonds, or even just a bunch of random shapes.

I use 1/4" tape for my suede projects because they are small. When I'm working on large pieces of fabric, I use wider tape.

Here's a quick sequence of steps for making one of Bella Nonna's Zippety Bags. They have kits for this project in several colors, or you can use your own materials with their pattern.

Of course, you can make stripes (or other shapes) on suede and make it into anything else that trips your trigger. I'll show you how to make the stripes - you choose the project!

Stripes on Suede

Step 1: Use narrow tape to mask off stripes on the suede. The areas under the tape will be unpainted. The areas between the tape will become the painted stripes.

Step 2: Apply color directly with the paintstik. Rub firmly in both directions. I used iridescent light gold (yellow) lime green, green, turquoise, dark blue and purple.

Thin tape strips and apply Shiva directly

Step 3: Use a stencil brush to "scrub" the paint into the suede. If you don't mind getting a little paint on your hands, use your fingers. I found it easier to use my fingers in this case -- and the iridescent colors are all non-toxic. (Clean your hands with our Brush Soap to remove the paint without drying your skin out.)

Use a stencil brush or fingers work in paint

Step 4: Remove the tape and set the suede aside to dry. I put a lot of paint on my suede when I made this sample and it took at least a week to fully dry. Confession: I did NOT wait until the paint was fully dry to complete my sample -- I had to send it off to Pokey Bolton for a Quilting Arts TV segment. I had no problem with paint smearing after 2 or 3 days. It just was not completely dry.

Remove tape and let dry

Step 5: Cut the suede using the pattern piece for the Zippety Bag. Stitch the zipper to the edges of the bag. I had my doubts about going around the curves, but I followed the directions carefully and it worked just fine.

Step 6: Zip up the little bag and enjoy! This project (or any project using suede) is a great way to introduce paintstiks to new users and to re-introduce them to customers who purchased them in the past.

Use Zippety bag pattern and make bag!

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