Cotton Jersey Face Mask

Made in USA, 3 ply, adjustable ear loops!

Cotton Jersey Face Mask
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Now with black elastic on ear pieces;
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DISCLAIMER: NON-MEDICAL GRADE CLOTH FACEMASK - these do NOT take the place of N95 masks and are not meant to be used in a surgical setting or other setting of high exposure. For information on use and disinfecting, see the CDC website at

According to all the newest research, cloth masks protect those around you, and also you, from the Covid-19 virus roughly 60-85% better (depends on fabric and how many layers of protection) than not wearing a mask. Cotton is considered the best material for cloth masks as it has fuzzy fibers that filter better than the smoother fibers of synthetic fabrics or silks. Bandanas and 1 layer masks offer a bit of protection, but more layers are way better.

One of our local clothing manufacturers has come up with these nice quality 3-ply dyeable masks (sewn with cotton thread!) - made of 2 outer layers of the same heavier 100% Cotton Jersey as our Playdresses and Farmer's dresses, and although these do not have a filter pocket, they do have a middle layer of non-fusible interlining for extra filtration. The ear pieces are knotted elastic with a bead so that the length can be adjusted. Several men who tried the prototypes have told us that these work better for them, as many masks with a one-size-fits all approach have ear loops that are not long enough for folks with larger heads. These have good coverage of the face, with a wire in the nose and they fit well below the chin. The interlining gives them some body so they stand a little off your nose so you can breath better, without gapping.

Since it looks like we are going to be wearing masks for awhile, why not dye some in all the colors to match your wardrobe. We've also noticed that tie-dyed masks get a lot of attention - folks ask where you got them, then you can offer to make them some too!

PLEASE - NO RETURNS on face masks for obvious reasons!

*These will hold up to many many washings as well as dyeing. We have noticed that when they are dried in a drier, they do bunch up a little, so a touch of an iron, or smoothing and blocking them while still a little damp, makes the inside smoother and helps them to retain their shape better.

**Legally, we have to put a tag inside, which could be irritating, but we have made it so the tag can be easily removed without damaging the mask.


Now with black elastic on ear pieces;

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5 star rating
Very nicely sized!! This shape and size works better for guys with beards than many of the others I've purchased from various other sources. Soft comfortable and a GREAT surface for dyeing andor other surface design craftiness. Love love love it!
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5 star rating
Great mask! I wore it as a test product on several long plane rides it was effective and comfortable even though I couldn't take it off for a good 6 hours plus.
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5 star rating
Takes dye beautifully. Just the right size for my husband and his beard and he has several. Perhaps not quite as good people with small faces it is a bit long (or wide depending on which way you look at it) from top to bottom and I find that if I dont have it adjusted exactly right when bend my neck to I look down the bottom edge slides up so the top edge slides up into my lower eyelids. Going to try washing a mask in hot waster to see if it shrinks enough to stop that if not will do a little sewing and make it a little shorter. Otherwise I really like the adjustable earloops and the slight dome so that the cotton isnt directly resting on my mouth and nostrils.
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5 star rating
This mask dyes well and fits many adults after adjustment. It would be nice to get it in a another size for smaller people. Also the price is high for those who dye and resell.
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5 star rating
Great product - comfy masks and a good seller. When Covid first started my hubby told me not to order more than 10. Well lol many masks later I am still painting them for customers and they are my favorite mask of choice. They work well for those who wear glasses and hearing aids too.
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