100% Virgin Wool Felt 36"

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100% Virgin Wool Felt 36" $18.75 $17.18/yd.
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36" wide
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We tried to think of a Baaaaaad joke to start this off with but couldn't come up with anything, ewe got any ideas?

All joking aside, we now have great 100% wool felt for you to dye up in any color you want for all kinds of craft projects. This is a great base to start out with for needle felting and wet felting. Save yourself a lot of time making pre-felts and get right into the creative part of your work. Great for kids crafts, Christmas stocking, tea cozies (and who doesn't love a tea cozy?)

Fabric Details

  • 100% Virgin Wool Felt
  • 36" wide
  • 7 oz per sq yard
  • You can dye this with Our Dharma Acid Dyes
  • Suggested usage; hats, flowers, animals, quilts, key fobs, hair pieces and much more!
  • Available in cut yardage and in 10 yard bolts
  • Hand wash cool and hang dry. When washed with hot water and put in the dryer in high heat it shrinks down to almost half the size. 42% in width and 38% in length disclaimer.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...


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Wonderful stuff ! I have been using it with natural dyes like Eucalyptus. It gives beautiful results.
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I have been looking for a long time for 100% felted wool that I could use in a project. This product exceeded my expectations. My project was to create an ironing board pad that would allow steam and heat to move through my fibers while still remaining firm. My purchase allowed me to cover 2 ironing boards and both are working as I had hoped.
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When this felt arrived I was disapointed for this was much thicker than I expected. This is a good quality but for the purpose I was thinking of for my clothingaccessories I am not sure of. I will have to think ideas what to make out of this.
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This felt is just the right thickness. It is strong enough to hold up under dyeing and washing. I use natural dyes and it dyed beautifully. I am using it to make slippers. They are a bit thin for that but I'm reinforcing it with a foot pad. Thank you for providing such high quality materials.
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Just got my order today. This is not like any other felt wool or other that I've seen or used. I bought it to handsew small items from but it's so lofty and soft in the sense of not dense or firm that I think stitches will pull right out. It would likely make wonderful quilt batting or maybe as a base for needlefelting but it's not good for what I wanted.
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