Dharma Dyer's Detergent

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Dharma Dyer's Detergent
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There are a lot of different fabric detergents out there, believe me we've tried them all, and we want the best for our customers. So, our R&D team went back to the drawing board to develop the greatest laundry sauce for dyers of all time! We started by meticulously studying the chemistry behind cleaning agents and learning how different compounds interact with our dyes. Each formulation underwent extensive testing and we assessed its efficacy in washing out loose dye particles as well as any grime or oils left over on fabrics after the manufacturing process. After hours of hard work and testing, we are proud to introduce: Dharma Dyer's Detergent. A detergent made by dyers for dyers.


Here's what we love about our detergent:

  • Effective at keeping loose dye in suspension and avoiding back staining when used according to directions. This is important so rogue dye particles don't transfer to the undyed parts leaving them nice and white
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Neutral pH
  • Smells less intense than other professional detergents
  • Affordable
  • Works as a wetting agent*
  • Removes water soluble sizing (soda ash recommended in addition)**
  • Removes most starches with hot water
  • Made in the USA



Use 1/4 cup (2 oz) per full washing machine load for cotton, Rayon, hemp, etc.

Use 1/8 cup (1 oz) for silks or if you have a front loading wash machine or high efficiency machine.

*Add a couple of drops to your hard to wet fibers, dye bath, or paints

**For cotton and other cellulose fibers, add 2 tablespoons soda ash per wash load. Wash using hot water and then rinse thoroughly.




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5 star rating
I absolutely love this detergent! Amazing results affordable prices. Minimal smell which I think is important for customers as well as myself because I am around it all day!
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5 star rating
At first I was worried about making the switch from Synthrapol to Dharma but Im so glad I made the switch. Ive noticed the yarns are much easier to rinse the yarn feels really nice and the smell it a pleasant experience. I LOVE IT!
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5 star rating
I was pleasantly surprised with this detergent. I feel like it works a little better than synthrapol and its cheaper! Well done Dharma.
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