Light Rayon Scarves & Sarongs

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If you want some ethereal scarves, but want to keep using your Fiber Reactive Dyes (instead of switching to Silk and Silk Dyes), these are for you. Feathery soft, made of our popular Bali Rayon LIGHT with fringe, these dye like a dream. Sewn with 100% cotton thread, with single needle turned hems. A great accent in all kinds of weather, we think you will love these scarves, and so will all your friends and relatives, and your neighbors...


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Hate it when I have to re-hem an edge after removing the content tag. It
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This is a wonderful unisex scarf - something that's really hard to come by and that is more and more in demand now that man's fashions are relaxing a little and including more adornment. I love that the fringe is so stable and takes dye so well and is the perfect length for a unisex scarf. (I'm also dreaming up ways to bling that fringe up a bit for more feminine styles!)
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I bought 2 of these to test out. They WILL become a permanent part of my inventory They dye up beautifully are very trendy and sold right off the bat. I'm ordering more. So much softer than the cotton scarves they drape nicely & are competitively priced to sell for the same price as the cotton.
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On the whole I love these scarves. They take dye beautifully both procion and indigo. The fabric has a nice ease and softness and is less likely to wrinkle than the regular rayon. Two pet peeves: 1) The thick ugly tag sewed into the hem. Some have come through lately with the tag sewed on separately so it can be easily removed. THANK THE GODS! 2) Knots in the fringe that come untied during washing and dyeing. Basically I have to go through and tighten or re-tie every knot. What a pain! And a total waste of time!
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Great scarf nice hand to the fabric takes dye well. Overall good quality and customers like them.
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