Sennelier Aqua Guttas - Black

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Used with the silk painting Serti Technique, this particular water based black resist actually prefers to be steamed for fixing. Ironing works also, but not as well in our experiments. This makes it a great water based product to use with professional French dyes instead of a solvent based Gutta. Silks with this resist on can be dry cleaned, whereas with black Gutta on, they can't. No nasty fumes, non-toxic. Cleanup with warm water instead of solvent! As with all water based resists, be more careful not to flood the lines with too much dye.
100 ml. (3.5 oz.) bottles

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

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all the black guttas have qualities that are good but when I mix them I find the product to be outstanding. I mix the ever clear sennielier and some black dye to create a gutta that flows well and stays black even after dry cleaning.
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Nice even consistency. Holds lines very well when carefully applied. I did find though that after steaming for 2 hours and rinsing in cold then hot soapy water then final rinse with cold that the gutta lines have a slightly sticky quality that's undesirable. I'll try re-rinsing in hot soapy andwater scrubbing harder at the lines and if I get any success with this I'll certainly post!
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it is ok. but I wanted one that stayed in the fabric and this one washed out.
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This works well but after steaming the silks in an industrial steamer the paper sticks to the Gutta and takes a lot of scrubbing to get the paper off the scarf
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I wish there was something better out there. I can handle this being much thinner by using a very small tip on applicator bottle - but this tends to get lumps in it that emerge unexpectedly. Also wider lines stay sticky after steaming and washing.
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