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Camisole Top with Inkjet Opaque Transfer Paper

by Judi

Get in the mood for spring by starting early with a sheer cotton camisole displaying lovely flowers or birds or whatever fires your creative inspiration. Once you dye the camisole you just print an image on the Inkjet Opaque Transfer paper and adhere it to the camisole with a hot dry iron. Very easy, very fun.

Step 1: Print out a picture on Inkjet Opaque Transfer Paper.
Step 2: Cut out your design.
Step 3: Peel off paper backing from Inkjet Opaque Transfer Paper.
Step 4: Preheat the fabric (remember, no steam!!).
Step 5: Place transfer image face up on your t-shirt.
Step 6: Cover the design completely with parchment ironing sheet or lightweight fabric press cloth.
Step 7: Iron from center of the image in circles out to the edges, pressing firmly. Then press the iron firmly over each section of the image from left to right making sure to thoroughly adhere the image to the fabric.
Step 8: Wait for the ironing sheet to cool completely, then peel off carefully.
Step 9: Enjoy your beautiful new shirt.

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