Holiday Inkjet Ornaments

About Inkjet Ornaments

'Tis the season and we want to help you decorate! These fun softee ornaments are a great craft for adults and kids. They are great for a tree with wee-ones in the house as they won't break like traditional ornaments.

Let's Get Started!

Print out your templates. Before printing remove any lose threads on the edges of the fabric sheet and set your printer settings to the highest saturation. Below are some fun templates for you to download and use!

Get coloring! Use markers, fabrics paints, glitter etc to decorate your ornaments. Let them dry.

Heat set your ornaments with a dry iron. Follow the heat setting directions for the markers and paint you decided to use.

Peel the fabric off the Freezer Paper backing. Tug on opposite corners a bit to smooth it out, or iron it so it lays flat.

Cut out the ornaments along the dotted line. If you wish for more seam allowance, just cut ¼" out from this line and use it as a sewing guide.

Sew your ornaments. Lay the two pieces right sides (designs in) together.

Cut a piece of silk ribbon 6" long. Fold in half and insert between the two pieces of your ornament like so:

You want the cut ends to stick out past your seam allowance just a bit to make sure they get sewn in. Sew your ornament, but leave a 1” opening at the bottom so you can turn it right side out and stuff it. You will sew them closed by hand at the end.

Finish your ornaments. Carefully turn your ornaments right side out. To shape them a bit use your finger to rub the seams from the inside.

Stuff the ornament with wool or poly-fil. You can make them very firm or use less for a more squishy effect, it is up to you.

Using needle and thread sew your ornaments shut. Here is a great video demonstration of blind stitching if you don't know how to do this.

Hang ‘Em Up! Deck the Halls! Make More!

A few other fun ideas for these templates:

• Print out photos of family and use the large bauble ornament template as a pattern to make fun ornaments for a personal gift.

• Make a garland with all the different ornaments if you don't have a tree.

• Blow up the Russian Doll or Owl template and make a doll. With a set of markers this would be a fun gift for any kid and for once they won't get in trouble for drawing on their toys.

Shopping list:

Print On Cotton Sheets we used the Cotton Sateen

Markers - we used Setaskrib, TeeJuice and Fabricmate Chisel Tips

Ornament Templates (PDF)
Gingerbread Man
Russian Stacking Dolls
Basic Round

Fabric Scissors

Woven Silk Ribbon 1/8”

Cotton Sewing Thread

Stuffing or Batting we used a bit of Wool Roving

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