Men's and Women's Cotton Socks

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Pack of 3 Pair: Womens Size 9-11
Pack of 3 Pair: Mens Size 11-13
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We've got socks! They're 90% Mercerized Cotton, 10% Lycra (so they stretch and last). You can dye them, tie-dye, paint, or marble them. You could stencil' em, you could dye them to match other items you're dyeing, or you could just save some money on socks when you're buying other items. Anyway you dye them, they look fantastic! Great impulse items for your tie-dye booth too!

Socks come in packs of 3 pair.
Prices are per pack of 3 pair.
Each pack counts as 1 item for discounts.

Made in: CHINA (CN)


MENS               10"                 10"
WOMENS             9"                  8.5" 
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These are great. They shrink considerably when scoured so don't be put off by how large they look at first. They dye beautifully with Procion dye even though they are not bright white. They fit well and don't stretch out and slide down after being worn all day. There is some small variability in the size but not enough to be a problem.
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Bring back the good old socks! I've been buying and dyeing these for years. Up until the socks I bought a few weeks ago they always took the dye very evenly. But after dyeing several pairs of the latest lot I have had problems with every pair. (1) Often the topleg part heathers (whiteundyed streaks are left) but not always on both socks of the pair. (2) Often the foot part has several horizontal whiteundyed streaks near the heel. (3) Sometimes both socks of the pair do not take the dye the same and come out different shades.
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Dharma's cotton socks dye well with strong colors. They feel good on the feet and seem to hold up well to wear.
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These socks are great! I wear them everyday and my customers love them as well.
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I've been having trouble finding 100% cotton crew socks so I was happy to find these! They're a little bit lighter weight than I would like and the toe seams are a little bit lumpy but they're the best I've found and they will definitely work for me.
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